Schoolcraft County Republican Party

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Official Call to the Schoolcraft County Convention

 Official Call to the Schoolcraft County Convention. There shall be a meeting of the duly elected Precinct Delegates and the At-Large Delegates to the County Convention at 7:00pm on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at Schoolcraft County Courthouse meeting room 1.

The purpose of this meeting shall be to elect Delegates and Alternates to the February 10-11, 2017 State Convention to be held at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel in Lansing, MI. The purpose of the State Convention is to elect 14 Congressional District Chairs, 98 members of the Michigan Republican State Committee (14 of whom are the Congressional District Chairs), 1 State Chair, 1 State Co-Chair (who shall be the running mate of the State Chair), 1 Outreach Vice Chair, 1 Coalitions Vice Chair, 1 Grassroots Vice Chair, 1 Ethnic Vice Chair, 1 Administrative Vice Chair and 1 Youth Vice Chair.
Precinct delegates and certain at-large delegates given the preference under Rule 8 of the Convention Rules, but who do not attend the County Convention, must notify the chair of the County Executive Committee ( Devin Lawrence ) or the following designee(s) ( Craig Reiter ) in writing (the “Notification”) of the person’s intention to become a delegate or alternate delegate to the state convention. The notification can be in any written form, including by letter or email, and must be received by the Chair of the County Executive Committee (or designee) by no later than the start of the County Convention. Failure to provide the notification as provided herein shall mean that the person shall not be given the preference under Rule 8 of the Convention Rules. It is not necessary to send a
notification if a person attends the County Convention.

Only Precinct Delegates elected at the August 2, 2016 Primary Election, the most recent Republican nominees for County and State Legislative offices, the Michigan Congressional Delegation, the Republican National Committeeman and National Committeewoman from Michigan and Michigan Republican Party Officers (see Rule 5B) where such person resides in the county in question and Precinct Delegates elected to permanently fill vacancies at all subsequent County Conventions will be seated and considered eligible to vote at this convention.


Devin Lawrence

Chairman, Schoolcraft County Republican Executive Committee

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